Unfortunately today, I was the latest "victim" of the pothole problem that is ongoing all over RI and MA this winter.  

The chain of events went like this: I was detoured off the highway because of a major accident where a driver went the wrong way on 95S, causing the highway to shut down.  So I got off the highway, detoured through downtown Providence, since I wasn't used to going that way, I had no idea where all of the potholes were.  I went down North Main St. and BOOM!  A couple of bad words escaped my mouth (oops!) but rightfully so.  Less than 10 mins. later, my "low tire pressure" light was on, which then immediately turned to "Tire Needs Air Now".  I've never seen that message before, so I kinda panicked.  I got off the highway and pulled into a well lit parking lot.  (Thanking my lucky stars that I was able to find a safe area to stop!)

Now, my main concern isn't my tire, it's how the heck am I getting to work?!  I called Michael Rock, no answer, called my husband, no answer (9 times, was not too pleased with him).  So I wait.  Michael calls back, suggests sending Gary our intern, to come get me.  Perfect!  Gary picks me up, we head to Fairhaven, and just like that I've only missed 1 hour of the show!  Not too bad!

Gary was also kind enough to offer to bring me back to my car after the show, while I waited for AAA to come.  They did, put on a spare and I'm good to go!  Right?  No.  I'll get to that in a second.  Meanwhile, I want to thank Gary for being so nice and helping me, so I took him to lunch.  We had a nice lunch, I think I'm good to go home, so I go drop him back to his car, and guess what?  "TIRE NEEDS AIR NOW" comes back on.  Is this a bad dream or what?!  So I figure something is definitely wrong, call AAA again, Gary waits with me again, cause he's the hero of the day...and this time I have my car towed to my mechanic.


Just have to add here, as annoying as all this was, and a total inconvenience, I remained in a great mood all day!  I just chalked it up to 'hey, stuff happens, it could have been worse.'  I always try to look on the bright side.  This all changed when the bill came haha.



Couple hours after dropping it off, they tell me the pothole damaged my rim and I need to buy a new one to the tune of $800, or a new-used one for about $300.  Either way, ugh.  So I opted for the $300 option.


I will be submitting my bill to the city of Providence for reimbursement and if you have hit a pothole this winter, you should definitely do the same!  It's a pain in the butt to do it, but worth it in the end.

So moral of story, Gary is a hero, and please be careful when driving, watch out for those crazy crater holes!  Safe travels!