WCVB reports that there is an expected shark boom off the Cape. Find out why HERE

The number of white sharks in the waters off the Cape have nearly doubled in just two years according to Dr. Greg Skomal, a Senior Fisheries Biologist.The numbers jumped from 80 in 2014 to about 147 in 2016.




Experts believe the increase in sharks is a product of the growing numbers of grey seals in the area. After the 1972 protection of grey seals, population boomed, which of course, attracted more sharks.

Skomal said that he and his team work closely with the towns on Cape Cod to keep the shark population updated. Because of the increasing numbers of sharks, Skomal says that the potential for shark encounters is higher than ever.  While shark encounters are possible, shark attacks are extremely rare, but they do happen.

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Dr. Skomal has warned the population to be wary of sharks that could confuse swimmers with their food.  Be mindful of posted warning signs at ALL Cape Cod beaches, docks and bays.



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