As the country awaits the news about who will be our next president, I can tell you that one thing I won't miss are all of the political commercials. Between those commercials and the ones against Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren, I don't think they could possibly be more annoying. The positive ones are OK. They don't kill me. But the negative ones make me want to impale myself on the fence in front of the White House. The negative ads are so bad they're almost a parody of themselves.

Trying to watch Sunday football was almost impossible. It was more like watching back to back to back political ads with a little bit of Peyton and Eli in between. Who are these ads even targeted to? Is there REALLY anyone out there who STILL isn't sure who they're going to vote for?!?!? I mean, COME ON! Anyone who doesn't know the differences between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama by now shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a voting booth.