We kicked off Fun 107's Birthday Payoff this morning. We guarantee 2---ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR winners every weekday in May...then cap it off with a big FAT $10,000 winner at the end of the month! Loren, Larry and I asked the question: What would you do if you won $10,000 from Fun 107?

Loren said she'd go nuts at the makeup counter, give some money to her husband, go on a vacation...and donate the rest to save cats.
Larry said he wasn't sure...but he DEFINITELY wouldn't use it to pay bills.

Myself? I'd use the money to go on a dream vacation to Europe.

What would you do with TEN THOUSAND dollars? Sign up below...and you could find out first hand!

P.S. Listen each morning at 7:05 to find out the exact times we'll play the Fun 107 Birthday Payoff. Good luck!