As I was strolling into work for my show this afternoon, parked in the fire lane right out in front was the ice cream truck! As I faded into memories of summer past, I couldn't help but think of how much of an American Institution the "Ice Cream Truck" is. You really need it to have a classic summertime on the South Coast or in fact, any small town in America. Running down the street when you heard that song, or bell, depending on what town you were in. Every town seemed to have their own ice cream truck rolling around.

Asking your parents for money, and if they didnt give it up, you'd keep asking, "but it's the ice cream guy!" Your parents would just be driven crazy by you until they gave you money, and you went racing out the door, like it was the end of the world if you didnt get a Bomb Pop, Screwball, Italian Ice, Chocolate or Strawberry Eclair Bars or even the coveted Choco-Taco for you 90's Kids.

You finally catch him and stand there looking at the side of the truck as if you didn't already know what they had!  Why all this raced into my head on my way into work, but it made me smile. Do you have any favorite memories of your local " Ice Cream Truck?"