I can't believe that I haven't heard this before!  I was just reading an article about this 12 year old boy who makes video's using his Angry Birds stuffed animals and post them to YouTube and makes money off of them!  What?

I never knew you could get paid to YouTube, that changes everything!  I have posted a few video's here and there including "Neal's Night Out" videos that we have posted on the website, but make money? This 12 year old has made over three grand putting up these silly video's.

The secret to his success, he has millions of views for his videos.  Once you start reach a certain status with YouTube they may ask you to sign on to allow them to put ad's up on your page.  This has become a new industry for some folks, think about it you start posting your videos on YouTube and they start to pay you? I like it!

Now If I can only come up with the next video sensation and make my millions... Well my million views, maybe I'll get paid too.  I'm glad that the 12 year old boy is putting his money to good use, he donates some of it to charity and uses some to buy new Angry Bird's paraphernalia so he can keep the video's rolling.  Do you have any video's on YouTube?  If you do are you making money?  What are your video's?  I'd love to click and watch and help you make a couple bucks!  Now where did I put that tripod?