I had never heard of this newer tradition until I read about it on Facebook.  When I mentioned it on today's FUN 107 Morning Show, several listeners called to say they've not only heard about "Ghosting", they actually do it in their neighborhoods.   From what we were told, this is done a few days before Halloween.  All you need is some Halloween candy, 2 brown paper lunch bags, 2 copies of the "You've been ghosted" letter, and 2 copies of the ghost picture.   Then you put the candy, the letter and one picture in each of the bags.

When it's dark, you sneak to neighbor's houses, put the bags on their porch, ring the doorbell, and run away before you are seen.   Your ghosted neighbors will in turn ghost two more people in the neighborhood.   Supposedly, if you break the ghosting chain, bad luck will follow.

None of our callers had broken the chain, so I don't know what type of misfortune may occur.   I might think it would be that you are not able to sell your home,  and are then stuck in your current neighborhood for one more Halloween.