You know when you sign up for a website because it promises coupons or a certain percentage off on your first order?  I sign up for those things all the time!  I love saving money just as much as the next person!  Well, sometimes they end up sending WAY too many emails, or it ends up becoming something I'm just no longer interested in...(I'm talking to you Eastern Mountain Sports, Coach and

Then, how annoying, not to mention time consuming, is it to have to go to each website and click through until they *may* offer the "unsubscribe" option?

Recently, I found this great app that has been incredibly helpful in eliminating emails that I just don't want anymore and are taking up valuable space in my inbox!  It's called the "Unroll App", and you can use it simply by going to  Save yourself a bunch of time and aggravation and "unsubscribe" from everything you no longer want...for good!  That's it!

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