Dating these days really isn't all it's cracked up to be especially if your on a date with a guy who is being kind of cheap, how should you react?

I've had my fair share of great dates and awkward dates to a point where I personally feel dates can become more of an ordeal for women than for men but one kind of "date" that I never really know how to address is the type of awkward date where he is being cheap. I had a date with an "on paper" perfect kind of guy (ladies you know what this means good looking, great job, and awesome family values) but during the date I started to take notice of his cheap like ways.

On this date he took me to the movies after grabbing a drink at a local restaurant, I'm always up for a good movie date but I did notice he used two free movie passes to pay for the movie which was fine I didn't really think twice about it until he then asked me if I would like anything to snack on during the movie and I replied with "Yes, I'd love some Milk Duds and a bottle of water", He turned to me saying "Really? You really want Milk Duds? You really want me to buy you Milk Duds?", I was in complete shock with his response and answered back saying "Yes! I want you to buy me Milk Duds and a bottle of water. Next time if you don't want to pay for something then don't offer I mean you used free passes to pay for the movie so I don't think I'm asking for a lot".

As you can imagine the remainder of the date became awkward and I started to wonder if I was the one out of line or if in fact it was him.