We read an email on the FUN 107 Morning show from Chrissy, who is the mom of a 4 year-old boy.  She told us that her son in in a "Monster" phase.  He thinks they are everywhere, including under his bed.  Because of that, he either sleeps with Chrissy in her bed, or in his room with all the lights on.  Hoping not to have to wait until he outgrows the monsters, Chrissy was asking for advice from other listeners.   "A spray bottle with water to be used as "Monster repellent"  will do the trick when sprayed under the bed" said one caller.

Another listener suggested a small nite lite.  Another suggestion was for Chrissy and her son to actually sleep under the bed, to prove there are no demons there.  Personally, I like the suggestion of one caller who said his own little flashlight will put her son in control.  He can turn it on when he thinks there may be a monster in the room.

Thank you for the great ideas.   I know Chrissy appreciates the help, and her son will soon be sleeping safe and secure in the comfort of his own room.