For many women hair is a big deal. Having a good hair day can give you all the confidence in the world and a bad hair day starts everything off on the wrong foot. So when you find something that works, how long do you stay with it?

Pop Crush's Mandi Salerno recently posted a video of actress Shailene Woodley getting a dramatic haircut and clearly not enjoying it very much...

Though she plays a very strong character in her recent blockbuster Divergent, she is obviously very attached to her hair in real life. And I think this is a reaction a lot of women would have.

Going from long locks to short shoulder length hair is a big change and when you have to do it for a movie role and not because you personally want that change, I'm sure it makes it a bit tougher. But even when you are ready for a new look, how tough would it be for you to actually go for it and make the change?

I have friends who have literally cried over bad haircuts, I'm sure plenty of people have. Your hair starts off your whole look, it can't really be hidden unless you're willing to wear a hat every day and it takes time to grow back. So when it isn't what you want, it can be traumatic for some.

I am not myself someone who is that attached to my hair. I've gone from longer and curly to short and spiky and various lengths between. I've tried straightening it, coloring it and even gave cornrows a go once (that hurt so much!!). But how attached are you to your hair?

Are you an adventurous try anything person when it comes to your locks or do you find a look you love and stick with it for years?