If you bought an item from a  garage sale, estate sale, or flea market, then found a large amount of money tucked away in a secret compartment, what would you do?

At this point your mind may race with every possible way to spend the money you just found. Maybe you dream of buying a new car (or even a slightly newer one) or perhaps you wonder what it would be like to finally pay off your student loans then put a little in the bank and so on.

Roommates Reese Werkhoven, Cally Guasti and Lara Russo faced this dilemma two months after they bought a couch from a Salvation Army Store in New York. Inside the couch pillows "were actually envelopes stuffed with money," according to NPR. The exact amount came to $40,000.

So the quest began to reunite the owner with the money. When they were finally able to return the cash, the owner was very grateful to receive the money as it "represented decades of savings."

What an inspiring story! It just shows that when parents instill honesty in their children from a young age, it is not forgotten but relied upon in the years to come.