While all the hard work outs and practices that I have experiencing through being a New England Patriots Cheerleader my muscles have been slowly tightening up. So my mother took me to a hip hop yoga class which takes place at the HOPE facility on Rt 6 in Dartmouth, MA and let me tell you this is going to be the next hot fitness workout and I mean it when I say it was a workout.

Before walking into the Hip Hop Yoga class my mother warned me that this class would be like no other yoga class that I have ever taken,You will leave drenched in sweat and you will hear rap/hip hop instead of the regular calming music played during a yoga class.

This hip hop yoga class which is offered at the HOPE facility on Rt 6 in Dartmouth,MA mixes cardio with yoga,meditation,and tough love so be prepared because if you are going to come experience this class the instructor will push you to get your workout in but the instructors also believe to just letting yourself go.

I loved every minute of the class which seemed to go by so quickly,I guess time flies when your having fun so if your planning to take this class don't be offended just let loose and enjoy it.