This morning on the FUN Morning Show, I was asking Michael and Larry off air about the changes they've noticed from when JR was on the show and now, that I'm here.I mean, besides the obvious...I'm a lady.  I was just curious if they acted differently around JR than they do around me. That's how the whole conversation started, and then it somehow turned into a question about whether they think I'm high maintenance or not.  I thought FOR SURE they would say 'no' or 'maybe just a little'. I was wrong!  On a scale of 1-10, they rated me as being an 8 on the high maintenance scale!  Say what?!  I'd say I'm around a 5...maybe a 6.

Their reasons for saying I'm 'high maintenance':

  • I was annoyed that my turkey sandwich had mayo on it last week, after the 3rd time from the SAME place of me saying 'no mayo please'.  C'mon, who wouldn't be annoyed at that?!  I didn't send it back, I just scraped off the mayo and ate it.
  • I don't like Wal-mart.
  • I wear makeup every day and I don't come to work in sweatpants.  (who does?)
  • I don't eat red meat.

Now, here's some reasons why I think I'm just a normal chick who knows what I like:

  • The first time my husband ever cooked for me, I asked him to make 'grilled cheese' for dinner.  (It's my favorite, and doesn't get any more low maintenance than that!)
  • My favorite thing to do on the weekend is watch a movie on the couch with my husband and our kitties, in my pajamas.
  • I had the same hairstyle for 20+ years and finally just updated it this past March.
  • Last year on my birthday, the only thing I wanted to do was go to the zoo and pet animals.  (LOWWWWWW maintenance, right?)

So I thought, let me ask a couple people that know me pretty well.  First, I asked my husband.  His response was "No.  BRB shower."  See?  That's a no!  And for the record, tonight, after dinner, he definitely said he "hit the jackpot with me".  Aww!  Yay!  See?!

I also asked our intern Kara who calls me her 'Big Sister' she knows me pretty well, and she says I'm a 6.  I'll take a 6, that's ok!  A 6 to me sounds like a woman who knows what she wants...

So, this conversation shall be continued tomorrow on the air where I'll ask Michael Rock about those Nantucket Red pants, living in Mattapoisett, also doesn't like Wal-Mart, and about how he buys all of his clothes at Banana Republic....who's high maintenance now?!