If you've ever read a fitness article and wondered what HIIT stood for, now you know. Many people start off the new year with a goal to become more physically active in an effort to lose weight and shape up. 

Sometimes, the stumbling block for many is "where do I begin". You don't have to be a guru. We've reached out to our fit and friendly trainers at Boutique Fitness in New Bedford to impart some of their tips to share with our readers and listeners.

So what is High Intensity Interval Training? The basic definition is that you alternate between high intensity exercise and medium or moderate intensity exercise with fixed interval times to allow the body time to recover. The great thing about HIIT, is that its great for everyone.  Whether your starting out, or find that your normal exercises have plateaued your progress, HIIT can help you see results quickly.

Here's a great video from the girls at Boutique Fitness with some exercises to get you started.  You can do these right from home, or give them a call and join one of their sessions!