It's been a big story on the internet this week, a kitty saving a little boy from a dog.

Of course because I'm a cat lover, this story was shared on my facebook many times. We even talked about it with ABC 6 for their Morning Talker segment.  If you missed that segment, you can see it here: 

Anyway, long story short...a little boy was knocked off his bike and hurt by his dog, when his cat, Tara, showed her loyalty to the boy by running over to him and rescuing him from the dog's attack!  The little boy was ok, with just some minor wounds, and now the cat is his hero!

The story was so popular, that the local baseball team in the little boy's area, asked the family if Tara the cat could throw out the first pitch at their upcoming game on May 20th!  Since obviously cats can't talk or throw (unfortunately), the family spoke on her behalf.  They said yes, and one of the family members will be throwing out the first pitch for the The Bakersfield Blaze, the Class A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds.  Way to go Tara!