I woke up in the middle of the night, even earlier than my usual time for the morning show.  It was to the sound of what I though was a crying baby.   When I walked downstairs to look out the window, I realized it was the sound of a cat.   A few days later, a neighbor mentioned that there were  a lot of stray cats in the neighborhood.    It seems that less and less pets are being spayed or neutered, and many  cats and dogs are being turned away from homes to fend for themselves.   This is just too heartbreaking, and should not be happening in our modern day world.

Should you ever be in the unfortunate situation of having to give up a pet, and a family member or friend is not able to take them in, please bring them to a reputable shelter.   After all, they've given you years of love and loyalty. They deserve much better than being abandoned.  And if you are interested in a new pet, please make the choice to adopt.

There are many options right here on the Southcoast, including the Humane Society and Shelter in Dartmouth, Forever Paws in New Bedford and Fall River, Habitat for Cats, as well as South Coast Animal Rescue Inc.  Those wonderful, non-profit organizations also accept tax deductible donations.