There have been a lot of wedding decisions made over the last couple of months, but another big one has my fiance and I scratching our heads and wondering of anyone would notice anyway.

So I should start by saying we both have family members with food restrictions. I myself can't do dairy (super sad cause I LOVE cheese!), others have to avoid corn, gluten, tomatoes, etc.

Now we took all of this into consideration when choosing the meals. We made sure everything on the menu was friendly to all family members and no one would go hungry.

But now we are ordering the cake and I'm wondering if the same considerations should come into play?

I have found a bakery that offers gluten free cakes and cupcakes and so we were debating just going no gluten for the dessert entirely. But there's only three people out of like 100 guests that would need to be gluten free, so should everyone else have to go no gluten too?

Admittedly the gluten free cakes are really tasty and I don't think many people would know the difference if we didn't tell them.

So should I order the entire cake as gluten free or maybe just get a few no gluten cupcakes for those that have to do without?