1.) What is your favorite "Adult Beverage"?

Manny = "Kendall Jackson Chardonnay"

Jeff = "Double Jim Beam"

2.) Who is your celebrity crush?

Manny = "Janet Jackson (In her Prime)"

Jeff = "Gazelle from Fun 107"

3.) If you were to shop for a vehicle anywhere else in the world besides Prestige Auto Mart... What kind of vehicle would you buy?

Manny = "Ferrari"

Jeff = "Toyota Sequoia"

4.) For Christmas, your wife buys you 'Donald Duck' thong cuecas (Portuguese for underwear). One day you wake up late for work and the only clean pair are the 'Donald Ducks'.... what's your game plan?

Manny = "Go commando!"

Jeff = "I'd put them on backwards."

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5.) Tell us one secret you never told anyone.

Manny = "I had a crush on my History teacher... her name was Rita. She was hot!"

Jeff = "I like taking baths in an olive oil and vodka mixture. It's good for the skin."

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