So you know how Taylor Swift was all weepy and sad when she left Harry Styles all alone in the British Virgin Isles after their traumatic, earth-shattering breakup? After dating all of like, three months?

Yeah. He didn't look too upset about it. Especially not when he was partying in a hot tub with another girl.

Styles spent some quality time on Necker Island with Richard Branson and a bunch of his pals after Swift stormed off into an abyss of loneliness, despair and tear-stained Anthropologie journal pages.

Among them? A chick named Hermione Way (she's the one in the red bikini above), who apparently appeared on a Bravo show called 'Start-Ups: Silicon Valley' and got particularly flirty with Styles. Still, E! Online sources say nothing ultimately went down between them. It looks like more of a "Oh, you're the only other person here who isn't a weird old rich dude" than "You'd make an awesome rebound."

Still, when news broke of the Styles/Swift split, Way tweeted "Oh dear..." along with a link to a story about it that included photos of all the hot tubbin' fun.

And speaking of the break-up, no one really knows what happened.

"Everyone on the island was wondering what exactly had gone wrong but he did not say at all," a source said. "He did not tell anyone they were necessarily over, just that there had been some unrest and that something had gone wrong. He wasn't specific and no one pressed him for more."

We're sure the details will come. We just might have to wait for Swift's liner notes of the followup to 'Red' to get them.