Today is the day! All you iPhone zombies get to wait in line at your nearest Apple Store or favorite AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint stores to get your hands on the latest iPhone. And now, you have choice among choices.

First up, the iPhone 5C. This is taking the place of the iPhone 5. It's cheaper-ish, but not at the substantial lower price of a true cheap iPhone. You can grab one for $99, and you get to choose from a bunch of pretty colors.

Then there's the iPhone you couldn't even pre-order, which is a first. The iPhone 5S. Available in three colors, space grey, gold, and black metal, you will definately be the cool kid on the block when everyone sees that fancy new fingerprint sensor instead of the traditional home button that's a dead giveaway on all previous iPhones. As usual, the introductory price of $199 will get you into the cool club, but not before you have to battle thousands that have been sleeping outside the store overnight, called sick into work this morning, and will zombie back to their house, where they will sleep with their new iPhone and wake up a happier person.

You have a year to play with the new iOS 7 operating system too, until the iPhone 6 comes out. Happy iPhone Day!