They are an infamously private couple, but some very big news about them broke today.

Prepare yourself ladies... People Magazine has confirmed that Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are having a baby!

As happy as I am for this beautiful celebrity couple for their impending bundle of joy, it's also a little heartbreaking to hear that Gosling is really starting to settle down. But he is and they are!

Even though the couple hasn't been photographed together since last November they are very much together and this baby seems to prove it.

Mendes herself hasn't been photographed in public since March, so perhaps she is very far along in this pregnancy. She was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in February and denied pregnancy rumors, but maybe Ellen was on to something.

Either way, the baby is on the way and it will be the first for both parents. Mendes, 40, has said in the past that she would likely never get married or have kids, so I guess things with Gosling, 33, are too good to walk away from. No word on if their will be a wedding in the future or when the baby is due.