Happy Birthday today to an icon I've adored every step of the way! Some of my fondest childhood memories include Madonna. I was barely 4 when the Like  A Virgin Album was released, but in my house we always had music. 

I remember my brother trading his friend Jimmy a bike tire and a water gun for the brand new cassette release of Like A Virgin. My brother was in deep trouble for dismantling his bike, just so his 4 year old sister could dance around her room like a maniac to the sounds of Angel, Dress You Up and Material Girl. It's hard to believe that  was nearly 30 years ago.

And so our relationship went, me and Madonna.  I remember my mother getting me True Blue as soon as it was released, and then the controversy of Like A Prayer. Being raised a strict Catholic, Madonna left me with quite a case to plead as to why there were burning crosses in her video. I'd say that debate paled in comparison though to the one I had to have upon my request for The SEX book and Erotica. My mother couldn't understand that it wasn't the smut I wanted to see at 13. Madonna just never did any wrong in my eyes.

I still after so many years love everything she does.  When I started at the radio station, JR let me take all of his digitally remastered copies of her complete discography. Not too many bosses would let you swipe their CD collection, but I guess the fanaticism never waned on my part. Here's to 54 years Madonna, 30 of which I am happy to say I've been around for!

From your biggest fan (Deb from the Night Show)