If you're looking for a fun new way to work out, have I got a suggestion for you!

Every weekend you'll find me hanging out (literally) practicing anti-gravity yoga.

You may have seen the practice performed by Pink in a couple of her Grammy Awards performances (most memorable to me is her 2010 performance of "Glitter in the Air") or maybe on shows like Live with Kelly and Michael. Either way practicing yourself is closer than you may think and a ton of fun.

I myself have been practicing anti-gravity yoga for almost four years at Raffa Yoga in Cranston, RI and just this past summer went to Christopher Harrison's Anti-Gravity Lab in New York City to get my certification to teach the practice. So I can now share my love of anti-gravity yoga with others!

And I do love it. It is a fantastic total body workout, using lots of core and upper body work to get into and out of many of the poses (areas women always want to work out!), plus it's fun! And who doesn't want a workout that's fun?

You get to hang upside down, swing like a kid again and leave feeling like you've done something you never thought you could do (but trust me you do it!).

To me anti-gravity yoga is a really great addition to any exercise routine. A good way to mix it up, stretch it out and challenge yourself a little. And there's different types and levels of anti-gravity to give everyone exactly what they're looking for.

Check out some of different types of poses and exercises you can try with these anti-gravity hammocks in this video from creator Christopher Harrison and maybe you'll soon be "hanging out" every weekend!