What was this very unusual thing? It arrived via mail carrier here at the office. It was a hand-written letter.


Not from a computer, but with paper and pen. It came from an acquaintance in Central New York State. A former co-worker who went by the name of Donna Ray. Not her real name but when we worked in radio together she was also in a rock back, and shortened her name to "Ray." The letter was short, but she told me that she sees me on "Facebook," but didn't want to leave a note on my page.

So she sat down and used the dying art of hand-writing to tell me how her and her family has been, and that she has been working on writing some new music as well. Unfortunately I can not reply with a letter in my own hand writing because she wouldn't be able to read one word. But after reading her letter, I felt as if there was something warm about it.

I guess it was because it was little more personal than an email or even a typed-out letter from the computer keyboard. Sometimes old fashioned is not all that bad.