It almost makes us wonder why this wasn't considered years ago. There was the "Big Dig" project in Boston that cost billions, and did very little to improve the traffic situation in that city.

With the threat of hurricanes and nor'easters always a factor here in Massachusetts, burying utility lines underground is a much more worth-while use of our money. Governor Deval Patrick said on Monday that he wants to see some hard numbers as to exactly how much the project would cost.

He said he knows it will be expensive, but with more extreme weather events to be expected, it's time to start planning for the future. Over 400,000 utility customers lost power here in the commonwealth during the blizzard. Some had no heat or light for days, and as of now there are still over 40,000 without electricity.

We could all go out and spend a few thousand on generators for our homes, or pay a higher monthly utility bill. I hope the governor makes the right decision when it comes to getting this project started.