So, one of the best movies from the 1980's is getting set for a sequel and I can't wait to see it! That's right, The Goonies are coming back for round two and new developments have recently been made about old stars coming back to reprise their timeless roles!

Shortly after the Film's director, Richard Donner announced that a sequel was in the works, rumors started buzzing about who might come back to be in the latest installment. Just this morning, announced that stars Sean Astin, who played the groups leader Mikey, and Corey Feldman, who played the always exciting Mouth, are very excited to have a chance to recapture the greatness of the first movie and star in the second installment. How great would that be?!

I loved the first movie and I'm sure the second one would be great! Hopefully more if not all of the original cast can get back on board for the sequel. I'm so excited, I might just start truffle shuffling around!