Believe it or not, we're not far away from cruising Acusnet Ave in a driverless car.

Google has announced it's grand plan for the future and it includes a car, but not necessarily you. Because you don't have to be driving the car for it to move.

The new car the Google is developing won't need a steering wheel because it drives on its own!

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The car won't yet be sold publicly, but Google hopes to have 100 prototypes out on the roads by late this year or early 2015,  Don't expect any speeding tickets, because the Google car's top speed will only be 25 MPH because it's designed to get people around a corporate campus or in a congested downtown area.

Google has already worked with cars like this before that had computers and sensors in it and Google-employed "safety drivers" in case of an emergency.

These new, bubble-shaped cars will not require any type of driver and will not require any steering wheel, gas pedals or brakes. The new car will only have "stop" and "go" buttons.

Co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin reported his ride in the new cars as "...a bit of solitude I found really enjoyable."

One big problem Google will face with this, will be the law.

The test versions of the Google car will have to have a steering wheel and pedals, according to California State law. The California DMV did not expect these cars to become a reality so soon and weren't planning on modifying their regulations for "operational" use of driverless cars until much later on.

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