If you've been to Lowe's, Home Depot or Sears lately, you may have noticed that the Stainless Steel kitchen appliances are no longer the "latest and Greatest."  The new upscale look for refrigerators, stoves and dishwashers is called "White Ice."

Now that the stainless steel look has tricked from high end down to the masses, and no longer says "I have arrived,"  I guess Whirlpool has decided it's time for something new.  The "ice" look is not your basic old-fashioned refrigerator white.  It's very glossy and almost has the look of ice or glass.   It's supposedly much easier to keep clean and free of finger and hand prints than stainless steel. 

I also noticed a Whirlpool fridge that was black, with the same glossy finish.   I imagine they call that model "Black Ice."    It looks great but no thanks.   After flipping my car and nearly dying when I hit some black ice, I don't need a reminder every time I am looking to see what leftovers are still edible.