After what looked to be a devastating blow to the New England Patriots and tight end Rob Gronkowski late in the fourth quarter of the team's 30-24 loss to the Denver Broncos last night, it appears that both player and team, along with the fan base, can breathe a huge sigh of relief.

According to ESPN's Dianna Marie Russini, the MRI's done on Gronkowski's knee earlier today revealed no more than deep bruising.

Of course, Gronk's initial reaction on the play led everyone to fear the worse, but reports immediately after the game had seemed to show that the Patriots were hopeful that the injury wasn't as serious as it initially looked. Also, Gronk was seen walking without much pain, after the game had ended.

Thankfully for Patriot Nation, the big tight end's leg was not planted on the hit. When the knee is hit on a planted leg, especially on natural turf which tends to have less give than artificial surfaces, the injury usually becomes and ACL or MCL sprain or tear. Either of those outcomes could have spelled the end of Gronkowski's season.

The bone bruise means that Gronk is now most likely going to be listed as week-to-week and there's a chance that he may only miss a game or two. With the struggling Philadelphia Eagles coming to town next week, the Pats should be fine without the big man on Sunday. All things considered, this is a huge win for the Patriots.