People that watch the show 'Glee' probably thought that they were seeing a very unique version of the song 'Baby Got Back', but as it turns out it was a total and complete rip off of an indie artist.

'Glee' is known for it's stories that have the 'little guy' take on - and sometimes take down - the 'big guy'. However it seems as though the show and the network, Fox, is now trying to take down the little guy.

The show did a version of 'Baby Got Back' this past week, but it wasn't theirs (no surprise). 'Glee; in known for it's covers, but it usually seeks permission, unless it's an independent artist. Most of you don't know who Jonathan Coulton is, but you heard his song this week. Give it a listen:

According to Wired, Coulton and his lawyers are trying to figure out if they have any legal recourse, because Fox never sought proper permission to use the song. Unfortunately, they might get away with totally ripping off this artists unique version of a song because the arrangement he used isn't protected under copyright.

The 'Glee' version