As you look at the picture above, are you thinking "I have never heard of 'glamping'?"You are not alone, as I didn't know what it was myself. According to O Magazine, glamping is "about getting closer to nature with a little more comfort and a lot less lugging of stuff."

Oh, I can't wait to share this information with my husband. He likes a few more amenities than the average person when camping outdoors. However, I do understand his hesitancy of sleeping on the hard ground and the need to bathe each day, so I can't fault him for his reserve. Therefore, glamping may be the ticket for us.

Various websites such as, and will assist you in booking your outdoor adventure in style. The criteria for glampsites includes "no lobby in site, a unique structure, and basic comforts of a hotel," says David Troya, founder of

In fact, says, "Each of these glamping sites have been carefully hand-picked for our site, and we’re happy to share with you the little gems we’ve uncovered all around the world." Oh, all the places Jathan and I can go! A treehouse, yurt, or structure in the rain forest or beach are very appealing. Who knows what my future glamping experience may be!