Jersey Shore? Nope. Way to keep it classy Barnstable. Over the weekend, four women--including two sisters--had a all out brawl and a scuffle with police led to their arrests Friday night. According to the police release, officers and Street Crime Unit (SCU) members were patrolling downtown Hyannis around closing time of the bars and clubs when SCU Supervisor Lt. John Murphy saw a group of women engaged in a fight in the North Street Parking Lot near Barnstable Road around 1:09 a.m.

As more officers were called to the scene, it became clear, and police noted that they were "extremely intoxicated and combative". Northup reportedly struggled with officers trying to handcuff her, and that's when the two Benjamin sisters came to here aid. The two sisters -  and others allegedly continued to struggle with the officers, trying to stop them from handcuffing Northup.

It was after that, that Benjamin's girlfriend came forward and told police they weren't going to take her anywhere. Oh No she didn't!

According to police, one of the girls  refused to leave. She reportedly threw a sneaker at a SCU member. Not cool. After that, one of the other girls tried to escape, and failed.  I think this should be available on pay per view next time!