TSM Media Center/Andrejs Pidjass

If you're anything like me, than you are not a huge fan of the gym. I just don't love having people watch me as a struggle to work out and do these complicated exercises. Not to mention, some of these prices for gym memberships are just plain crazy.

I do like to get exercise though and I want the opportunity to do it comfortably and in a fun way. That's why when I saw this great buzzfeed.com article about 15 ways to stay active without hitting the gym, I was so excited!

Some of things on the list are things I, and most of you, do anyways which is great and just gives us all another reason to continue to do them.

Here's a look at the top five:

1. Help a Friend Move

2. Do Some Cleaning

3. Do Some Gardening

4. Walk in a Brisk Nature

5. Have a Dance Party!

So there you go, some easy ways to get movin' this summer!