For those of you who will be staying up late on Thanksgiving to head out for a night of shopping, here is a sneak peak of Black Friday store ads conveniently arranged all in one place.  Compare and contrast to get the best deals!

Best Buy
Home Depot

The Dartmouth Mall will be opening for the first time at Midnight on Black Friday.  Mall management says 60 percent of the stores will open at 12am (including Old Navy and American Eagle).  Macy's and Sears will both open at 12:30am.  Best Buy in Dartmouth will open at Midnight.  Target in Dartmouth will open at 1am.  Kohl's in Dartmouth is asking the town for permission to open at Midnight.  Dick's Sporting Goods wants to open at 12:30, and Toys 'R Us wants to open at 1am.