Maybe you've heard me talk about Avalon Medical Spa on the FUN Morning Show, and you're thinking, does Loren really enjoy going there as much as she says she does?  You bet I do!

From the first time I went in, nervous and not knowing what to expect, I was made to feel comfortable right away.  Flavia and her daughter Stephanie are always there when I go, and they are wonderful!  I trust them, they are friendly, helpful, honest and truthfully, have become my friends!

Avalon Medical Spa offers a number of great services, but lately I've been going there for facials.  I admit, there are some nights where I either forget or I am just too tired to take off my makeup.  I know that's bad for my skin, which is why I want to get it super clean and clear of impurities with a facial from Avalon Medical Spa!

TSM/Loren Petisce

So here's what I had done most recently...(I loved it and I think you will too!):

Before I got started, I washed my face with the Clarisonic Pro, which is amazing (for both face and body) and it got my face 6 times cleaner than normal soap and water!  Clarisonic Pro is exclusive to dermatologists and medical spas ONLY!

TSM/Loren Petisce

Microdermabrasion- which is pretty relaxing and it sloughs off dead skin to reveal a fresh new beautiful layer of skin!  It's like an exfoliator...and if you're familiar with a cat licking you, that's kind of how it feels.  No pain at all.

I followed the Microdermabrasion with a clarifying clay mask to clear my face of any impurities.  Then Flavia used a firming Vitamin C mask with antioxidants applied to finish.

Then, that's it!  I'm on my way, feeling good, feeling clean, feeling confident...and, I actually went the rest of the day without makeup!  It's rare that I'm able to do that!!

Check out Avalon Medical Spa for yourself, either in person on Orchard St. inside Howland Place in New Bedford, or online!