I had seen the sign in front of New Bedford's Shawmut Diner saying "Munchupa", and had no idea if it was a greeting, and event, or a menu item. 

As we learned from our listeners this morning, Munchupa is a dish that originated in the beautiful Cape Verde Islands.  Some callers to the show called it "Munchoupe", others called it "Cachoupa", but all said it is a very hearty stew-like soup.

What goes into Munchupa?  We were told the main ingredients are a vereity of different beans, Linguica and/or Chorica, and Kale.   One listener said if the soup is prepared correctly, it takes several hours.

Apparently Cape Verdeans cook this meal because it is a cost-efficient way to feed a family.  While visiting the Cape Verde Islands, you may see a large pot of Munchupa cooking on a grandmother's stove.   But short of the trip to the Islands, you can find some very good Munchupa right here on the Southcoast.