The FUN Morning Show explained their actions this morning to everyone listening concerning what happened yesterday. In fact, there was no offensive act or anything for that matter done. It was the creativity of of our listening audience that made it more real for our unsuspecting J.R.

Michael Rock and Larry asked those listening to get a hold of J.R. and vaguely complain about something that never happened. Tons of emails, voicemails, messages on our facebook page, and here on FUN made it more believable to a man that hasn't taken a vacation since 2007.

We thank you for participating in having a good time with us. We have the greatest listeners and we apologize to those who were left out of the loop, namely J.R.

Here's one of the many messages we left on his voicemail:

J.R. leaves a frantic voicemail to the FUN Morning Show:

Michael & Larry finally call J.R. up to reveal the prank: