Big congratulations go to Mrs. Laurie Plant, who teaches 8th grade math at All Saints Catholic School in New Bedford.   We had the honor of surprising her today to let her know she is out newest Teacher of the Month.   Her students and other faculty members at All Saints did a great job in keeping the secret until we showed up.  

And for nominating her, Mrs. Plant's class won a Domino's pizza party.  Certainly more fun than Friday lunch at the school's cafeteria.  Our friends at Bank 5 also presented our teacher with a nice gift.

This is actually Mrs. Plant's 2nd time as Teacher of the Month.  She won the award several years ago when she was teaching first grade.  In the meantime, Laurie left to get her Masters degree, and has now returned as a math teacher.   As a two time winner, she must be a very special teacher.

It was great seeing Mrs. Plant again after several years, and exciting to meet the 8th graders in her math class too.  I also had the chance to pose in my first class picture in many, many years. 

If you know of a teacher who goes above and beyond, and makes the learning experience a positive an uplifting one for their students, please nominate them right here at FUN