Our promotions coordinator Kristen was going through a desk that had not been used in a while, and she came across some brand-new CD's.  I say brand-new because they are still in their packaging.  My guess is that they've been hidden away in that drawer for about 13 years.   You see the debut CD for Christina Aguilera, released in 1999.   Remember Mikaila?  Didn't think so.  That Cd was released in early 2001.  You also see Marc Anthony's album featuring his first hit "I need To Know."  That was released in 1999.  The one-hit-wonder Nine Days is there as well.   "The Madding Crowd" featured their semi-hit "Absolutely (Story Of A Girl) which came out in 2000.  And how could we forget "Who Let The Dogs Out" by the Baha Men?  They actually performed it live at our FUN 107 "Monster Mash" in the fall of 2000.  To think these treasures have been lost for all these years, only to magically reappear again.  I think my car still has a CD player.  Maybe I'll give them a listen.