Plenty of calls with imput after we read this email on the show this morning: "I heard one of you gentlemen mention that his sister has changed her name several times (that would be me).

I have a 10-year old son who wants to do the same thing. He doesn't like his first name and says he needs to change it before he goes to middle school. His name is Easton and he says he doesn't want that name. Easton was my mother's maiden name and that is why it was given to him.His middle name is James, so I suggested that he tell his classmates that "James" is his name. He told me that name is too boring. He wants the name "Jacob." How do I get him away from this subject?"
One listener suggested that Easton is perhaps being picked-on for his name. She said that it would be a mistake to give in to that, and that he needs to be strong. Another caller suggested that he use the initials "EJ" as in Easton James. And a man called in and said he had the chance to change his name when he was adopted, but chose not too.

He is glad he did not, and suggested that if Easton's mom not let him change it, he may be sorry later in life. Actually, Easton kind of a cool name. What do you think?