Our winner of the 2014 Momshell contest, Lisa Rivard, sent us a super nice email thanking us for her new diamond ring!


I wanted to write and say “Thank You” to Fun107 and Hannoush Jewelers in the Dartmouth Mall. I was so happy & excited to win the Momshell 2014 contest and with the help from Lou and Erica at Hannoush I now own the most gorgeous diamond ring. The choice was difficult because they have so many beautiful pieces and I highly recommend Hannoush to anyone looking for that special gift for any occasion. I had plans to upgrade my wedding band to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary in December of this year, and this was more than I ever envisioned! Now I just have to plan that beach wedding somewhere exotic to renew our vows. I’ve included a few photos so you can see how amazing the diamond ring really is.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart … you guys are the best and of course #1!!! --Lisa Rivard

Lisa Rivard

Lisa highly recommends Hannoush Jewelers to any one who is looking for that special gift for that special someone. They have amazing diamond rings and they can also upgrade the one you have now, if you choose!

Lisa Rivard

We want to thank Hannoush as well for helping us out with this Momshell contest and to Lisa Rivard for being so great!