I met Tiger years ago, just a short time after I met my daughter's mommy. When i found out she had a pitbull I think I said something like..."Well, it was nice knowing ya".

Little did I know that Tiger was a gentle dog who became my buddy, and other than nipping grandma once, (think she may have deserved it   haha) Tiger just wanted to make sure his loved ones were protected and was a great dog in every way.

Tiger has been living with grandma and grandpa ever since Abby was born, and they also will miss him tons.

We had to figure out how to let Abby know that it was the final goodbye this morning, as we all went over to say our last goodbye to, as she called him, TT.

We spent some time with him, and then Tiger and Mom, spent a great last few hours together and looked back at a great 15 years.

We all loved Tiger, and we will all eat a doggie treat tonight in his honor as we pay tribute.