This is funny stuff. We all just tweet, or update our status on Facebook, or casually post pictures on Instagram not thinking that anyone in the world can see me. Using that knowledge, what if you freaked people out if you just came up to them and told them information that they thought was private.

You may tweet and Instragram your lunch and birthday plans, but now the whole world knows. To prove this point how dangerous sharing personal info on social media can be, prankster Jack Vale used a Twitter app at a boardwalk to check out people’s tweets in his immediate area and freaked them out a bit.

After checking their names and pictures, he casually walked up to complete strangers, and greeted them by their first name as if he knew them. He even asked personal questions, and wished some people happy birthday.

Watch their reactions because they are priceless. "How did you know?" Because you put it up, dum-dum. Let this be a lesson to you. Don't be lax with your info on social media.