I have to admit, when I first read this story, I laughed because the wording makes it sound like an illegal drug deal. Instead, a lobster deal went down.A Florida woman faces charges for illegally selling lobster tails through Craigslist.


According to CBS, The woman sold the fresh lobster tails to an undercover state wildlife officer, and even made the made the exchange in a parking lot. An ad on Craigslist offering lobster tails for $10 each was brought to the attention of officials, they then contacted the poster and arranged to pay $250 for 25 tails. An undercover officer arrested her after meeting her and making the purchase. She now charged with  unlicensed sale of saltwater products and the possession/sale of lobster out of season. Who knew lobster is such the commodity there is a black market for it? I mean I personally wouldn't go to craigslist for lobster. There is plenty of legal lobster dealers. Remember kids, just say no to lobster.