An 18-year-old high school student from Florida is facing some serious charges, and her future has been put into jeopardy after some pretty heavy charges have been placed on her. 


Katie Hunt is an 18 year-old high schooler from Florida. She also happens to be a lesbian. Right now Katie's parents believe that their daughter is being persecuted for just that, and it's not right.

A little background information. When Katie was 17, she began dating a girl who was 14. According to Gawker, that relationship eventually got intimate, and that's where things went spiraling out of control. After Katies 18th birthday, the parents of the girl who Katie was involved with filed sexual battery charges against her.

Katie's parents believe that the only reason these charges are being filed against their daughter is because the other parents are homophobic. This isn't the first time that Katie has been discriminated against. She was also kicked off her high school basketball team to avoid 'drama'. Now Katie only faces tow options, be under house arrest for two years, or go to trial.

Obviously the law is agaisnt her given her age, and the age of the girl she was in the relationship with, but it's obviously about more than that.

If you want to support Katie, there is a Facebook group called Free Katie where you can get more information, and help her cause.