It's getting pretty close to Christmas, and that means that kids are going to be getting pretty excited about toys. We decided to take a look at some toys, and we cam across some very, let's just say odd ones. We can't even believe that these ideas even got the green light!

Some of them were made with good intentions, but some of these are just inappropriate for children to even own. Do we need things to be so real that even our toys mimic real life situations? Situations like breast feeding, and going to the bathroom?! Let's just let our kids be kids for a while longer, shall we?

1. Struts: These are basically horses, that are like models. Why not just a Barbie doll?

2. Baby Wee-Wee: Yes, you are correct. This baby goes to the bathroom right after you feed it. Wonderful!

3. Pole Dancer: We don't even have words for this one.

4. Bebe Gloton (The breastfeeding doll): Leave it to France.Basically, your kid straps on a vest and pretends to breast feed this baby. It comes fully equipped with creepy sound effects and everything!

5. Doggie Do: Sure, your kids probably walk the dog, but this game is just gross. You get clues as the dog does it's business?