Dancing is one of the greatest forms of self-expression.  Words from contributor, Danielle Cyr:

As the mother of a child less than a year old, I notice the daily struggles my daughter endures to communicate with me.  She expresses herself with small words but mostly gestures, actions and movement.  The power of dance, as a form of expression, amazes me.  At such a young age, my child already LOVES TO DANCE!  Just a small dream beat from the other room will send her into a booty shake.

ADC5678, Flickr

Fierce Dance Academy, located at 44 Howland Rd in Fairhaven is celebrating their Grand Opening this weekend, with Fun 107 broadcasting live from 1p-3p. If you're a parent with a child that shows love for music and movement, now is a great time to get them enrolled.

Enrolling a child into a dancing program has proven to heighten their listening skills, provide structure and increase memorization.  In addition, it also provides them an outlet to deal with feelings and force energy (both positive and negative) out of the body.The owners at Fierce Dance Academy, Ana P. Shuman & Ana Raquel Oliveira, employ these values and “through a commitment to freedom of expression…  have developed  a school whose staff is dedicated to enriching the lives of students through the art of dance.”

If you have interest in participating a dance program or enrolling your child (2 ½ +), then stop by this Saturday and take advantage of the waived Registration fee for anyone who enrolls their child this Saturday.  Like them on Facebook for more information.

Giveaways include $25.00 credit for Back to School Sears Gear and $50.00 credit towards classes at Fierce Dance Academy.