Eminem (and Rihanna) are still at the top of the charts, singing about the monster under our beds. This insightful anthem has been popular for weeks and it continues to resonate with listeners across the nation. But why?

Psychologist Daniel B. Peters addressed this question in his article "What Can Eminem Teach Us About Worry And Fear?" for Psychology Today. He said that Eminem's song teaches us that if we make friends with the monster, "we can outsmart him and even learn to live with him."

Since each of us has at least one thing that we're afraid of,  it only makes sense that we cling to anything that will help us cope with the things that frighten us every day. So groove on and sing along with the "The Monster," and perhaps Eminem's artistic reminder will help you make 2014 the year you learn to make peace with the thing that scares you most.

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