If you've got kids...we have some important information about a type of sunscreen you should NOT use on your kids.  According to WCVB and Consumer Reports, the FDA is advising parents to discontinue the use of spray sunscreens (like the one pictured above) until the FDA has completed their safety investigation on the product.

The FDA fears that the chemicals being inhaled while the product is being applied to children are dangerous. They say that the risk of inhaling potentially dangerous chemicals is greatest with children since they have the tendency to squirm around while the product is being applied.

They have already removed the Ocean Potion Kids Instant Dry SPF 50 from the ratings of sunscreen products as it is directly marketing towards children.

There have been no medical reports of any problems due to inhalation of the sunscreen mist, so for now this is just a precautionary measure being taken by the FDA.